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Looking for safe storage in Hamilton?

Whatever you need to store, store it with us!
Do not let clutter become a constant obstacle in your home or office. When you need storage units in Hamilton for your files, old pieces of furniture, and unused household materials, look no further. We have storage units that will keep your precious items secure and all in one place.

More space

Growing families or businesses will surely require additional storage space. We offer convenient self storage options in Hamilton to suit different requirements. Clients can choose from 12 different storage unit sizes depending on the amount and kinds of items they plan to store. Whether you plan to use it for a week, a month, a year or more, we make safe storage shed solutions accessible in Hamilton. 


Moving things out of your own office or house comes with lots of security concerns, which is why we give special attention to our self storage units and sheds' security. Our storage units are controlled by a special computer system designed to recognise your personal code. We also have a monitoring and locking system in place for each unit so you can be confident that your valuables are protected.

Hassle-free self-storage

Self-storage should be easy and convenient. You can access your lockers any time of the day, 24/7 without the assistance of on-site managers.

We have also arranged an automatic payment or direct debit service to further facilitate your convenience. Should you need some assistance, our representatives are always available to help you.
Our safe storage units in Hamilton
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